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Our mural project was designed and developed in such a professional and thoughtful way by Artist for Kids Culture that it stimulated thoughtfulness, excitement, and real engagement from the children, the school, the local community, and us. The kids felt rightfully proud of their contribution, building their sense of self-efficacy and community.

Our approach to murals

Step 1. We co-design the brief

AKC artsbus and community partner/s create a mural brief informed by the location and story of the project. 

A local feature artist will be chosen to act as a Mentor for the children as part of the AKC artsbus team. When working in the community, AKC prioritise artists from first nations and/or culturally diverse backgrounds to connect with 

The workshop plan will be catered to the number and age of involved kids. 

Children brainstorming ideas for the mural with the artsbus team, including local Feature Artist Tanisha Lovett. Photography Credit: Vanessa White
A child paints a canvas at a free after-school artsbus program. Photography Credit: Mick Bell

Step 2. Kids create art!

The AKC artsbus host workshop/s with a school and/or community centre. Importantly, the programs aim to include children who might otherwise miss out on arts opportunities because of social or financial hardship. 

The 1 – 2 hour artsbus workshop engages children in learning about the mural’s story and encourages them to bring their own creativity to the art making.

AKC is committed to Child Safety as a priority for all programs. 

Step 3. Artworks are photographed 

With kids’ consent, the artworks are photographed with a high resolution camera. The photos will be digitally increased in scale for printing on a life-size wall. 

The hard-copy artworks are returned to the kids and/or recycled. 

Children in grade 5 paint their section of the mural. Photography Credit: Vanessa White

Step 4. Artworks are digitally collaged. 

A Graphic Designer edits the digitalised artworks and collages them into a print-ready file. 

Project partners and kids provide feedback on drafts through an easy-to-use online survey that can be completed from school or home. 

Step 5. Print and launch

The hoarding is printed in consultation with the fencing provider and the mural is launched with a celebratory event.

Recent Projects

Homes Victoria Hoarding in Flemington, 2021-22

AKC facilitated a day of workshops with children at Debney Meadows Primary School in December 2021 alongside local feature artist, Olana Janfa. The finished mural features the children’s artworks that explore the themes of community, home, and environment. The temporary hoarding surrounds the construction of new social housing estates in Flemington.

Aerial view of mural on a wall that separates a primary school basketball court with the housing development

Photography Credit: Homes Victoria

AKC are a wonderful group of creative, committed people – who are an absolute please to work with. The efforts they go to, to ultimately provide art opportunities to disadvantaged kids, is truly inspiring.

PassivePlace hoarding mural in Stawell, 2022-23

Social Enterprise, PassivePlace, asked Artist for Kids Culture to bring the artsbus to Stawell West Primary School to run an art project with the school children. The project was created to engage with some of the children of the community to help facilitate understandings of place, people, and community, and to assist in the planning for PassivePlace’s affordable and net zero housing development that is being planned for Stawell.

"The expert direction and guidance from the team at AKC has created a truly special and beautiful resource for the project that will soon be installed on our site in the Northern Grampians. This outcome has created an opportunity to have the art painted by the children in the local area reflecting their aspirations for community, home, and the environment that is truly moving and inspirational."
Nick Lane
Founder & Director - PassivePlace