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With the support of the Arts Bus Program Manager and other artists, Arts Bus volunteers contribute to a safe and supportive learning environment for all children.  Their key role is to provide individual, hands-on and strength-based guidance on artsbus adventures. 

If you are interested in volunteering with the artsbus, please read the Position Description here and apply using the link below.

Artists For Kids’ Culture is committed to child safety and carries out reference checks and police record checks to ensure that the right people are recruited. All people engaged in child-related work as defined in the Working with Children Act 2005, including volunteers, are required to hold a valid Working with Children (WWC) Check.

Muhubo at the arts bus

Recommend a Feature Artist

Arts Bus Adventures often involve Feature Artists, who are paid to run a workshop. AKC prioritises local Artists who are familiar with the area and communities we work in. Feature Artists are role models for the kids and bring unique creativity, inspiration, and excitement to the artsbus programs. 

If you, or someone you know, could make a great Feature Artist on the arts bus, please email Gen Townsend (Arts Bus Program Manager).

Partner with us for programs and events

Artists for Kids Culture want to share the artsbus as a resource across Victoria. Through partnerships, we can run targeted programs and support existing events to bring art to kids who might otherwise miss out. 

Whether you are a school, community group, artist initiative or other organisation, we want to hear your idea! To get started, read more about the artsbus and then complete the Expression of Interest form: