Artist’s for Kids’ Culture provides opportunites for kids experiencing hardship.

We believe every child should be supported and have diverse and rewarding experiences.

In the last Financial Year 2018, AKC granted $104,000 to Australian kids in need.

Your support can truly change a child’s life.

Apply for a Grant

AKC’s grant application is a simple process. Our funding guidelines are straight forward.

Make a Donation

AKC has DGR status. Donations to Artists for Kids’ Culture (over $2) are 100% tax deductible.

AKC Artists Involved

Artists for Kids’ Culture is supported by Australian artists who believe in making a difference.

Upcoming AKC Events

The 2018 ART AUCTION will be held on THURSDAY 25 OCTOBER at the Park Melbourne, Albert Park.

Art Auction


Celebrate 25 Years at this iconic Melbourne Art Event

25th OCTOBER 2018

Bean Counting in FY18

0 Individual Kids Supported in FY2018
0 Group Projects Supported in FY18
0 Scholarships in FY18
$0k Funds granted

Your support can truly change a child’s life.