AKC Kids Grants

Our grant application is a simple process. Please submit your application here.

AKC Art Auction

The AKC Art Auction this year is on the 16 November at Memo Music Hall

AKC Shop

Check out the AKC Shop and help support kids who would otherwise miss out.


Funds enable children’s participation in the arts, sport and the pursuit of personal goals.

Paint it Forward

$50 for an Art Pack for a child – we will distribute directly to a child.

AKC artsbus

The AKC artsbus is on the road!


Volunteer at AKC or artsbus – amazing positions and opportunities available.

AKC artists

AKC is supported by artists who strive to make a difference.

Artists for Kids Culture provides opportunities for children experiencing hardship.

We believe every child should be supported and have diverse and rewarding experiences.

AKC History

In 1994, Jo Darvall, David Larwill and Bernie Jones founded Artists for Kids culture with the help of a group of artists and friends who wanted to make a positive difference to the lives of children living in inner-Melbourne public housing. Their initial focus was on the kids living at the inner-city commission flats of Collingwood, Prahran and St Kilda.

Since then AKC has helped 1000’s of children across Australia take part in joyful, exciting, life-changing, fun and rewarding activities and experiences funded by artists, sponsors and volunteers.

Making Art Make a Difference