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In the beginning

The AKC Mission is to provide benevolent relief to children experiencing hardship. AKC gives monetary grants, allowing children to participate in cultural, artistic, musical, sporting and educational activities; enhancing a child’s wellbeing through inclusion.


The AKC Vision is the belief that opportunities are important for every child and demonstrate benefits in both learning and social skills. AKC believe that every childhood should be supported, and include diverse and rewarding experiences. AKC maintains close networks with social and community workers, schools and child advocacy groups to understand and meet real needs creatively.


AKC values hope. AKC respects children, their supporters and families. AKC supports children to participate in their chosen activities. AKC is passionate about enhancing the wellbeing of children through inclusion. AKC believes participation in positive activities is paramount to wellbeing. AKC encourages children and organisations to pursue new activities. AKC is generous and wants to lift the spirits of children experiencing hardship.

Motivation & Purpose

AKC’s motivation and purpose is to provide children with funds so they may participate in cultural, artistic, musical and sporting activities. We know that for children experiencing disadvantage, these opportunities are often out of reach without the support of AKC. AKC believes participation in these activities can have far reaching and life long benefits to the children themselves, their families and the wider community. For 25 years, AKC has been granting monies so that children can participate. AKC has always been and remains non-bureaucratic, with a quick and efficient grant administration process.