Kids Grants

Kids Grants
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How we fund

Artists for Kids provides small grants to enable children and young people, aged 5-17, who are experiencing hardship to participate in a broad range of artistic and cultural activities.

These activities include dance, music, drama and other cultural experiences. We also fund other interests and projects that we consider will enhance a child’s life experience.

Grant categories

Category A - Individual

We are currently open to accept applications for TERMs 1 & 2 of 2024. 

Our next Grants Committee Meeting is on the 27 March, where we will be assessing applications for term TWO.

Category B – Group Project

GROUP PROJECTS are currently on HOLD

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We help kids who would otherwise miss out

Jack’s teacher knew of our grants and filled out an application for him. She felt he had a talent for music and knew he’d grow from some lessons. She organised a tutor and we paid for the classes which would not have been available to Jack without our financial support.

“I love guitar & my friends say I am really cool at it.”