AKC 2017 Annual Report

AKC 2017 Annual Report
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ABOUT US: Artists for Kids’ Culture (AKC) is committed to funding children to participate in art, music, dance, drama and sport Australia wide. We believe these opportunities are important for every child and demonstrate benefits in both learning and social skills. Funds are raised by the generous donation of artwork from professional artists and the continuing patronage of the community. We are currentlly volunteer run, fuelled by the belief that we are able to make an important contribution to enriching young people’s lives. AKC is a Not for Profit, Public Benevolent Institution with Deductible Gift Recipient status. We are a governed by a our AKC Constitution. AKC has three Directors and a Committee of 11.

MOTIVATION, PURPOSE & OBJECTIVES: AKC’s motivation and purpose is to provide children with funds so they may participate in cultural, artistic, musical and sporting activities.We know that for children experiencing disadvantage, these opportunities are often out of reach without the support from organisations like AKC. AKC believes participation in these activities can have far reaching and life long benefits to the children themselves, their families and the wider community.

STRUCTURE & MANAGEMENT: The AKC Committee is a volunteer body governed by three Directors with a constitution requiring this. The committee comprises three Directors, a Treasurer, a Secretary and several other members (9-11 is preferable) who contribute directly to the organisation’s activities. Together the committee is responsible for the distribution of grants monies and the annual fundraising to perpetuate the Artists for Kids’ Culture legacy. We are one of the few ongoing charitable volunteer run organisations that are not affiliated with a sporting facility and currently receive no funding outside of the annual auction.All committee members are involved in the assessment and final decision making of grants, which is based on grant guidelines agreed on an annual basis. Committee members are involved in fundraising operations including treasury and general financial management, governance and compliance under ACNC obligations as a charity, grant making administration and agency management, event management and sponsorship, print production and advertising, curatorial management, marketing, PR and communications.

AKC MISSION: Artists for Kids’ Culture (AKC) Provides benevolent relief to children experiencing hardship by the granting of monies for cultural, artistic, musical, sporting and other activities to be engaged by them as approved by the Artists for Kids’ Culture Committee.

AKC VISION: AKC believe opportunities are important for every child and demonstrate benefits in both learning and social skills. We believe that every childhood should be supported, and include diverse and rewarding experiences. We maintain close networks with community workers to understand and meet real needs creatively.

AKC HISTORY: AKC was established in 1994 by Jo Darval, Bernie Jones and David Larwill; three “art” friends who wanted to make a positive difference to kids living in the inner suburban high-rise flats. The original idea was simple; funding for art resources and projects so kids could experience and enjoy art. If the community social workers (of which Jo was one) could enrich young lives with art the results could far out weigh the cost of the materials. After the initial seed was sewn an annual Art Auction was held and AKC had the funds to support kids to participate in many different activities. AKC limited the “red tape” and kids, were availed access to activites that would otherwise be out of reach. AKC has granted more than $1,100,00 over the last 24 years.


AKC values hope.

AKC respects children, their supporters and families.

AKC supports children to participate in their chosen activities.

AKC is passionate about enhancing the wellbeing of children through inclusion.

AKC believes participation in positive activities is paramount to wellbeing.

AKC encourages children and organisations to pursue new activities.

AKC is generous and wants to lift the spirits of children experiencing hardship.

Board Members

Daniel Crennan – Chairperson (17/5/2016 – current)

Kylie Greer – Director – 23/11/2015 – Current

Fiona Larwill – Director (30/7/2014 – Current)

Lena Glass – Treasurer/Secretary (13/4/2016 – current)

Committee Members

Ruth Krawat – Shivani Pillai – Lewis Miller – David H. Thomas – Mick Bell – Ros Winkler – Kristen Buckland – Anne Algar – Kylie Greer – Fiona Larwill – Lena Glass

Director’s Report

The 2017 Financial Year has seen major positive administrative changes for AKC. This success is a testament to the people involved: the artists, committee, board, supporters and sponsors.

There are three key areas AKC can put forward as testimony to our improvement: a significant increase in funds raised and distributed, gaining recognition as a Public Benevolent Institution and achieving Deductible Gift Recipient Status and finally the implementation of stricter internal code of practice guidelines. All of these areas allow us to fulfull our Mission and Vision to the best of our ability and thus helping kids participate in pursuits they would otherwise miss out on.

In the 2017 FY AKC’s first area for improvement was the significant increase in funds raised, $136,000 and after auction costs and organisation running costs we had a balance of $96,800. In the same 2017 FY we funded $64,800 worth of grants.

Profit and Loss Summary

END DOCUMENT: Artists for Kids Culture – 2017 FY Annual Report