Current Grant Opportunities

How we are funding during COVID 19

Because of COVID 19, our planned fundraising events in 2020 have been put on hold. Therefore we have been financially impacted.

To ensure that we can help as many children as possible over the coming months, we ask that applications be limited to requests of no more than $300 per child.

We are calling this our “small grant” period.

We are happy for the funding to go towards anything a child may need that will enhance their enjoyment of their current art, dance, drama or music activities as well as any other creative or cultural pursuits.  This could include new dance shoes, guitar strings, or the funds could also go towards upcoming classes.

We look forward to returning to our more generous funding levels.



We help kids who would otherwise miss out.

Jack’s teacher knew of our grants and filled out an application for him. She felt he had a talent for music and knew he’d grow from some lessons. She organised a tutor and we paid for the classes which would not have been available to Jack without our financial support.
“I love guitar and my friends say I am really cool at it.”

We open doors.

In the 2019 Financial Year, we granted $106,000 to kids to give them a range of enriching and joyful experiences.


Giving kids the chance to flourish and grow.