Child Safe Policy

Child Safe Policy – July 2018

This Policy was written to demonstrate the strong commitment AKC Board, committee, artists and volunteers have to child safety.

Commitment to Child Safety

All children supported by AKC have a right to feel safe.  The welfare of the children we support will always be our first priority and we have zero tolerance towards child abuse.  We expect all children to feel safe and undertake activities in a child friendly environment where they can feel safe and have fun.

Valuing Diversity

We value diversity and do not tolerate discriminatory practices.

Staff, Contractors, Fund Recipients, Committee & Volunteers

All AKC staff, contractors, fund recipients, committee and volunteers with a direct involvement with AKC supported children, whether it be a committee member

reading a grant application or a music teacher giving a lesson, is to have a current Working with Children Check. Staff that AKC directly employ for AKC initiated

projects will need to undergo further reference checks and provide a police check.  We have developed a Code of Conduct to provide guidance to our staff,

contractors, fund recipients, committee & volunteers.

Reporting a Child Safety Concern & Risk Management

Kylie Greer has been appointed as Child Safety Person with the specific responsibility for responding to and acting on any concerns.  AKC will report any concern or incident directly to the police.  AKC recognise the importance of a risk management approach to minimising the potential for child abuse or harm to occur and use this to inform our policy, procedure and activity planning.

Reviewing this Policy

This policy will be reviewed in six months.

Your support can truly change a child’s life.