artsbusTV project takes center stage!

Artists for Kids Culture (AKC) is delighted to share the progress of the artsbusTV project. Over the past nine months, AKC has organised and facilitated fifty-nine planning and filming programs across six locations in Victoria.

The artsbusTV initiative has supported children and youth aged 10 to 17 to take the helm as directors and producers. One youth participant in Geelong said of his experience:

I have loved every single moment. I have learnt so much and have met a lot of wonderful people whilst doing so.

The result of the artsbusTV programs will be a series of six 25 minutes episodes to be broadcast on Channel 31 and online throughout August and September 2023. The series is made up of a collection of over forty short segments that feature interviews, conversations, learning and cultural experiences with and by kids and young people.

On behalf of all the participants, AKC extends gratitude to our valued supporters and partners for their commitment to nurturing artistic growth and fostering creativity among the emerging generation. The artsbusTV project has made possible with funding from the RM Ansett Trust, Palais Theatre, City of Geelong, Myer Foundation, and Collie Foundation.