What is Artists for Kids’ Culture?

AKC gives monetary grants, allowing children to participate in cultural, artistic, musical, sporting and educational activities; enhancing a child’s wellbeing through inclusion.
AKC maintains close networks with social and community workers, schools and child advocacy groups to understand and meet real cultural and creative needs.

We believe……

We believe that children should have the chance to participate in art and cultural experiences and expand their horizons.
We believe that opportunities are important for every child and demonstrate benefits in both learning and social skills.

A Child’s Story

AKC have been supporting Kim to participate in dance classes once a week for 12 months. Kim lives with her grandmother, as she can’t live with her parents due to their drug issues.
“Kim lives for dancing, she wakes up on the mornings when she has dance lessons with a smile on her face and says excitedly: “It’s dancing day today”. Kim dances around the house all the time, which her grandmother feels is so good for her as it makes her happy and helps her deal with the stresses in her life. Kim’s academic results are the highest they have ever been. She is now getting A’s and A+’s, and her grandmother suspects that there is a connection between the dance and school results, as she has gained so much confidence and self belief.”

AKC Structure

The AKC Board and Committee are committed to helping children and children’s community organisations.

AKC works daily to stay in contact with all of the welfare agencies and community groups who receive AKC funding. AKC responds quickly and efficiently to fund grant applications. AKC can be depended on as a reliable resource with an efficient administration process.


Daniel Crennan QC


Kylie Greer


Fiona Larwill


Lena Glass
Treasurer & Company Secretar

The Committee

AKC Committee: Anne Algar – Mick Bell – Laura Crennan – Lena Glass – Kylie Greer – Ruth Krawat – Fiona Larwill – Ché McMahon – Lewis Miller – Shivani Pillai – David H. Thomas – Tom Ward – Ros Winkler – Youth Committee Member: Charlotte Hewitson
The committee meets monthly and often considers changes and additions to the application process. We stay connected to organisations such as the Commission for Children and Young People, in order to remain informed of all new and relevant information and legislation regarding children and running of a children’s organisation.


AKC is a registered charity with the Australian Charities & Not for Profits Commission.


AKC is a Public Benevolent Institution and has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status (since October 2016).


All members of the AKC Committee hold Victorian WWC Certification.

Your support can truly change a child’s life.