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About the artsbus

The artsbus is a mobile arts studio, theatre and music space, enabling AKC to facilitate meaningful, thoughtful and therapeutic arts activities. It brings quality arts practices to children who would otherwise miss out.

Many children and young people with complex lives find it difficult to access arts activities due to financial hardship, transport issues and other responsibilities . Like a ‘mobile library’, the artsbus travels to children, eliminating issues of access. The artsbus provides a quality, best practice creative opportunities, for those who may otherwise miss-out.

Our artsbus

Getting our artsbus on the road has been a fun and rewarding experience with many people to thank for their input. Thanks to our interior designers Rachael Leslie and Anton Koch and our builders Chapman and Bailey and everyone else who has helped out including Fiona Larwill, Che McMahon and Ruth Krawat from the AKC Committee.

We would like to thank and acknowledge our major supporter, The Collie Foundation.

The Collie Foundation, forever an important player – enabling AKC to get our bus on the road.

“Thank you”

artsbus Support 2019 – 2021

artsbus – bringing arts to kids

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