Kids’ Grants

Kids' Grants

To apply for a grant please read the following information then click the Apply Now button.

Who we fund

Artists for Kids’ Culture provides grant funding to enable art, cultural and sporting opportunities for children, aged 5–18 years, who are experiencing hardship and are vulnerable to missing out on an enriching experiences.

We fund a broad scope of activity and need, funding individuals and group projects. 

When to apply

The Artists for Kids’ Culture committee meets on a monthly basis from February through to December to review and respond to requests.

For requests over a $1000 you will usually be asked to present and discuss the proposal in person at a committee meeting.

It is within our scope to fund “Group Projects” and “Innovate Projects” up to the cost of $5,000.

We do accept applications directly from parents and carers.

Please don’t hesitate to send us a query if you would like to discuss a potential project:

Grant Categories:

Category A – Individual Child: Application to fund an individual child for a wide variety of activities including music, art, sport, cultural activities and experiences etc, camps, personal development (i.e. art therapy). Funding is limited to $1000 per child over a 12 month period. ($2000 per family). Please apply 1 – 2 months in advance but we will also consider emergency funding.

Category A+ Application to Continue:  A child recently funded by AKC (within the last 6 months) and continuing with the same activity, with the same teacher.  (Please ALSO complete the “KIDS’ Feedback Form” at the bottom of this page

Category B – Group Project/Activity for Children
Group projects or activities should be operated by or in conjunction with an organisation authorised to deliver child or youth services i.e. Schools or Adventure Playgrounds. Please apply 2-3 months in advance of project beginning.

Category B+  – Application to Continue Group Project/Activity for Children

A group project recently funded by AKC (within the last 12 months) and wishing the same or similar support. (Please ALSO complete the GROUP Project Feedback Format the bottom of this page)

  • Category C – Innovate 
    Innovate is for artists and community groups interested in developing new and
 innovative community arts practices or activities to support children experiencing hardship. Up to $5000 is available for projects. In addition to this application form please provide evidence of project planning, community support and consultation, and a budget. Applications accepted all year round.

Category D – AKC Scholarships: $2000 each for Music, Dance, Sport, Film, Art & Theatre

We are keen to help kids with our newly created Scholarships go to the next level in their chosen activity. Financial difficulties and hardship may make things like attending  camps or buying new equipment impossible. Through our scholarships we hope to enable participation, where a kid may otherwise miss out.