Kid’s Grants

Kid's Grants

To apply for a grant please read the following information then click the Apply Now button.

Who we fund

Artists for Kids’ Culture provides grant funding to enable art and cultural opportunities for children, aged 5–18 years, who are experiencing disadvantage and are vulnerable to missing out on an enriching childhood.

We fund a broad scope of activity and need, funding individuals and group projects. Applications will be considered for individuals and group projects for children aged 5–18 years of age.

We are interested in providing arts and cultural opportunities for children who may be experiencing disadvantage in their lives and have limited access to extra curricular activity or lack resources to participate in activities with their peers. We will consider seed funding to encourage new art and culture focused program development for children and will also consider co-funding projects.

When to apply

The Artists for Kids’ Culture committee meets on a monthly basis from February through to December to review and respond to requests.

For requests over a $1000 you will be asked to present and discuss the proposal in person at a committee meeting.

When you submit your request we will respond to let you know when it will be considered and if there is any requirement to present at the meeting. Where possible please ensure your application is submitted at least two (2) months prior to the commencement of your potential project or activity.

If you are not part of community welfare, not-for-profit service provider or education organisation we encourage facilitators of group programmes to liaise with a Youth Social Worker in the area where you aim to operate your programme, to gain support for your application. If you would like we can put you in contact with a representative of an Adventure Playground or similar organisation in your area.

Please don’t hesitate to send us a query if you would like to discuss a potential project:

Assistance Available:

There are three categories of assistance available. :

  • Category A – Individual
    Applications for funding individual children will be considered for a wide variety of activities including music, art, sport, cultural activities and experiences etc, camps, personal development (i.e. art therapy). Funding is limited to $1000  per child over a 12 month period. ($2000 per family).
  • Category B – Group Project/Activity
    Group projects or activities must be operated by or in conjunction with an organisation authorized to deliver child or youth services i.e. Schools, Adventure Playgrounds.
  • Category C – Innovate
    Innovate is for artists and community groups interested in developing new and
innovative community arts practices or activities to support children experiencing disadvantage. Up to $5000 is available for projects. In addition to this application form please provide evidence of project planning, community support and consultation, and a budget.

Category A & B: applicants should apply for funding of projects at least 30 days before they commence (AKC will not fund activities once they have commenced). See the dates below for when requests are due and a response can be expected.

Category C: 2016 applications are now open all year round.