Arts Bus

What is the Arts Bus?

The Arts Bus is a mobile arts studio, theatre and music space, enabling AKC to facilitate meaningful, thoughtful and therapeutic arts activities. It brings quality arts practices to children and young people who would otherwise miss out.
The Arts bus is in Trial Stage at the moment. We have received a recent grant from the Palais Theatre Community Fund and will be rolling out programs in December and January.


OBJECTIVES * Provide opportunities to engage in cultural activities * Improving access * Removing costs * Providing group/peer support/networks * Opportunities to share * Improve the life quality of children and young people in vulnerable and difficult situations * Inclusive possibilities * Opportunity to be creative and experience arts activities in a nurturing, healthy environment * Arts as therapy * Cultural development

Comments about the Arts Bus

“These kids have a lot of issues and thing going on for them and this is empowering it helps them make choices and have experiences they don’t normally have.” “Even the kids not normally into art are into it today.”
“Even the kids not normally into art are into it today.”
“At the end of the program kids were coming into the bus and enjoying being inside the bus. The group also helped to pack it up. Parents and carers were taking photos of their kids in front of the bus. Children were able to take their art work home in paper bags and were all proud of their work. The energy was positive and a lovey buzz had been created.”
“It’s amazing having the guided but also unstructured art activities, it is giving kids what they need as it does not always need to be too guided, it is empowering for these kids to make their own choices.”
“Even the kids not normally into art are into it today.”

Your support can truly change a child’s life.